Personal Winter Golf Training Program

Personal Winter Golf Training Program

It can be frustrating to make great strides in your golf game during the golf season only to see it come to an end due to weather. You end up sitting inside all winter, letting your swing digress and your body loses its flexibility.
When spring arrives, your golf game is clearly rusty as you’ve reverted back to poor contact on golf shots and three putting occurs on the greens. You feel like you’ve lost all the progress you made last season and have to waste a few months getting back to where you once were.

How to Practice Golf In the Winter?

To prevent losing progress in your golf game, you need to practice golf in the winter.
The easiest solution is to follow a winter golf training program that keeps you focused and active each week. It should include drills, stretching, workouts, and mental preparation.

If you’re dedicated to the game and to improving, you’ll use the off season winter time for building up your body, your mind, and your fundamentals.

What Should Your Winter Golf Training Program Include?

The first area of focus is starting an off season golf workout program. Adding strength and maintaining flexibility will be key!
You can come out next spring hitting longer drives off the tee, which will result in hitting shorter clubs for your approach shots into the green, giving you better control and accuracy.
Your winter golf practice program will also want to focus on maintaining solid contact in your golf swing! You can achieve great ball striking by swinging indoors, either at home or at the driving range.

There’s lots of things you can do in the golf off-season to stay active and focused on improving your golf game.

It comes down to your motivation level and pushing yourself to do these things each week when you have other options calling your focus away from golf.

You can sign up for my personal winter golf training program via:

Personal winter golf training program 1
10 lessons from 55 minutes for 1-2 persons €500,-  (Discount of €100 / €150)

Personal winter golf training program 2
10 lessons from 25 minutes for 1-2 persons €250,-  (Discount of €50 / €100)

*You can plan the winter lessons in via my online digital agenda and these lessons are valid from November 2019 through to April 30th 2020!

Kind regards,
Jonathan Willis

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